The purpose of the Women’s Ministry of Galena Park is to offer women of all ages opportunities for personal growth so we can become more and more like Jesus.  As the personal need is met and growth becomes a continuous focus, the doors are open for service to women in the Church and in the Community as Christ has called us to do.


Message from the Director:

Lady loved by God, you are special to us because God has made you unique, perfect, and filled with a undeniable gift to love life and others.   The message of God is that he “formed” you, took time to design you, and gave you abilities from heaven to accomplish what He wills for you and others through you.  What we can accomplish together with God is indescribable!  There is room for you, so join us!


Check our calendar for:

Learning Luncheons every second Saturday of the month

Special Events

   An Evening of Music and Time of Meditation

   Women’s Banquet   

   Woman’s Retreat


May God lead you to a decision for Him and a blessing to the Galena Park Church.


Loving God together,